“Living Your Best Life”

(Coaching and Mentoring Program)

We Provide and Implement Inspirational Activities such as:
  - Discipleship
  - Support in Identifying Short and Long Term Goals
  - Strategic Planning
  - Literacy Program
  - Discover Your Spiritual Gifts.
  - Group Readings, Walks and Hikes
  - Encouraging Tips, Handouts & Gratitude Journals
  - Bible Distribution
  - Assistance with Organizing & Prioritizing
  - Weekly Sessions & Follow-up (Accountability Partners)
  - Encouraging Workshops, Seminars, Fellowships & Socials
  - Group Coaching Sessions
  - Confidentiality Agreements
  - Meaningful Loving Relationships
  - 5K and Mini Marathon Training Program

Creative Vision, Applied Faith, Accurate Thinking, Self Discipline, a Pleasing Personality, Enthusiasm and a Solid Relationship With GOD are Characteristic You Will Develop While Accomplishing Your Life Goals.

We Encourage Our Partners to Take Responsibility for Their Lives, Be Committed To Progress, Stay Focused and Dedicated to Christ. Our Hope Is That Every Partner Would Take Full Advantage Of These Opportunities And GROW Beyond Their Personal Expectations.


Rhonda T. Moore Certified Life Coach (317) 331-7993